About Me

Hi there! I’m Dallas, I travel throughout the US and Australia for wedding & portrait photography. I love capturing the moments when you don’t even notice I’m still shooting. These are the expressions your family and friends know you by… being photographed in a way you haven’t seen yourself before.

Message for Brides

When you have invested in each other, the details that consumed you in the months of planning melt away on the day… Your focus is the love and joy that come with starting your new life together and all the family and friends that come to celebrate.

I bring energy and a relaxed approach while mastering schedules down to the minute so you don’t have to on your wedding day. l am on my toes all day working for you and capturing the overall feel, relationships, and each and every detail. Most clients say I was the easiest wedding decision they had to make. My images are crisp, are vibrant in colour, and portray couples in fun-loving relationships. 

About Me

I grew up in South Carolina where I graduated from Clemson University with a BS in Graphic Communications. After University I moved to Toledo, Ohio in 2003 where I was working in the pre-press industry and in 2007 started a portrait and wedding photography business. This business really took off allowing me to photograph on average 25 weddings a year and nearly 80 portrait sessions. At the end of 2011 on a whim, and through the kindness of my Australian college roommate, I quit my pre-press job (which I loved!) and went to Australia for three months. I fell in love with the country and met my adorable husband – an Aussie. I travel back and forth to Australia in the winter months and back to the USA during wedding season as a full-time photographer.

I am now a permanent resident in Australia residing in south Brisbane, but will continue to travel for weddings in the states and worldwide. I am grateful I can still do weddings in the USA and visit with family and friends so often. Australia may seem like a long distance on the map, but it’s only one day of travel and Skype makes face-to-face meetings efficient for busy lifestyles. I typically travel to America June/July and Oct/Nov. 

The newest addition to Dallas Love Photography is my husband Glennn. Yes, that’s THREE n’s. We are an official husband-wife team! He is pretty amazing and his shots often make the album covers! His specialty is capturing guests doing cheeky things… I’m not kidding. He also shoots opposite me (if I’m shooting wide he is shooting tight) so we snap the giggles, romance, as well as the overall epic feel of your day. 

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