Birthday Tradition | Personal

I have two beautiful nieces that share close birth dates!! Normally I buy them a new birthday dress for their parties but this year I have decided to start a new tradition. Annalisa’s birthday was first…. she picked out some adorable pink satin shoes… I had soooo much fun with her and letting her shop that I decided Adilae needed birthday shoes as well!

Adilae was so excited about her new shoes she didn’t want to wear them outside and risk getting them dirty! I had to carry her to this spot! Yes, CARRY HER! She then wouldn’t even put them on outside so we posed, shoes in hand!! She modeled for about 30 seconds for me too! FIRST TIME EVER… those that know her… pick your jaw up!! This is photo evidence that the girl can shine in front of the camera!! Woot! Woot!

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