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This is my third year attending the Printing Industry of America’s Color Management Conference. It’s by far one of my favorite conferences I attend throughout the year. A highlight for me is the Saturday morning photography track where a group of photographers between 12-15 meet at 6am to go hiking and shoot the Phoenix desert. Some of the best instructors in commercial photography are leading the tracks. This year Brian Lawler of Cal Poly and Penny Dolin at Arizona State University brought an excellent day of landscape and portrait shooting to the agenda. Awesome! Here is a short video I put together of our day. Enjoy!

CLICK HERE FOR THE AWESOME VIDEO that made it’s debut at the conference today.

The early morning photographer’s who all met at 6am to catch the sunrise and desert landscapes.

Lovely back lighting!

Cholla Cacti (not pictured) ‘bit’ three of us! I got it in the forehead… blood.  🙁  Be extremely careful when looking closely at Cholla, as they have spiny bulbs that are known to jump right at you. If you try to get them out the spores dig in even deeper. Your best just to avoid them and not photograph any macro shots like I did, and lost…

The evening shoot was set up with studio lighting and we had a ASU student model, Adele. …and yes, we shot with a $20,000 Phase One camera. Wow.

I had full reign on how the lighting was set up. I went for dramatic!

I was excited to be apart of the advisory committee this year for the conference and help behind the scenes on the content. Here I am in the brochure! (my name anyway!) Can’t wait for next year’s conference already. It’s sooo nice being in sunny, warm Phoenix when I know it’s snowing back home. 🙂

  • Denise Nicole - Awesome video Dallas!!! Sad I didnt get to see you! Maybe next time! xoxo

  • Dallas - I know…. I wish we could have met!! Next time for sure. 🙂

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