David + Jamie | Operation: Love Reunited

Last week it seemed we were plagued with rain!! I’m pretty sure it was raining if not drizzling our entire session so we headed for cover at the Toledo Amtrak Station.

This was a special session…. Operation: Love Reunited. I am proud to be one of several hundred photographers nation wide that volunteers time and talent to send photos taken today overseas to David while he is deployed. I actually was their wedding photographer a few years back! They are both in the Air Force and poor Jamie has been left before… this is going to be another hard deployment… a full year!! I’ve been there myself and it’s not fun. It’s the hardest thing to go through… especially when you are soooo in love as they are with each other!

I had a little activity for them… ya know…. since they are in the Air Force I had them make some paper planes. This is David’s before he added his “patented” magic air scoop, which I am not going to share. This is my new secret weapon for any future paper airplane contests I may encounter in the future. hahahaha. You never know.

Oooo… la la… I love that Jamie wore her heels!

Love it!

I’m actually David’s least favorite person in the world. He told me that. He’s not “into” pictures. Especially not as much as I am or Jamie…. but you can’t tell here. You know you’ve gotta good man when he will go along with an activity he doesn’t care for if it means a lot to you… and today was important. These captures will keep them while they are apart… David will even get an album of favorite photos from his “least favorite person” while he is far away. You know you’ll love it, David. 🙂

I really like Jamie’s dress. It’s my color too Jamie!! 🙂

It’s pretty funny it was raining. Jamie & David are stationed in New Mexico and they haven’t seen rain in FOREVER….  welcome back to OHIO! Gotta love it.

Tender moments…

To view all of David & Jamie’s photos… they will be available by CLICKING HERE to view the GALLERY.

I wish you both a “speedy” deployment. See ya next year David!! 🙂

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