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Josh & I had our 5-year anniversary portraits taken by Getzcreative Photography based out of Greenville, SC last fall. I have randomly followed their blog for just as long. They weren’t shooting weddings when Josh and I said ‘I do’ but within the last year or so I’ve seen some of their weddings posted. Talk about epic and dramatic shots! They are able to do this by taking day after sessions because as all Southerners know… guests can’t wait more than thirty minutes between the ceremony and reception. I like their work because it’s completely different from what I do in my own photography business. I would say their style is more modern and artistic with a commercial emphasis. They can give a everyday girl the high fashion look. You’d never see yourself as such unless you were an international model or found yourself on Tyra’s show, America’s Next Top Model. They not only look at your look with make-up, hair, dress, location,  but also stylize you! It’s super fun to see the transformation of you in the final prints from what you see everyday in the mirror. I was really excited recently to see that they offered a workshop to fellow photographers. Of course I had to go! Here are some of the shots I took at the workshop. These are all untouched. No color correction was performed.

Here is TJ demonstrating and Michelle Getz stylizing for a wind blown look! We were using 2 lights in this set-up. The shot I took seems incredible for such a simple set-up, huh? I shouldn’t say simple but TJ was that good it seemed as such! You can visit Getzcreative’s Blog to see the edited (by TJ) version that I took.

A prop was then added to the mix and a third light with a blue gel…. and of course the boyfriend. 🙂

Next, we went to do some shooting outside the studio… we had a 2 light set-up.

The light was so diffused today… perfectly overcast!!! This was shot with just natural light. Mainly how I shoot.

Now… for the transformation… the reason I came to the workshop.

The left shows natural lighting and the right off camera lighting… (again… these are uncorrected files… the “magic” hasn’t been added but you get the idea)

Natural lighting is what I am used to… comfortable shooting. Off camera lighting probably won’t take over my style but is worth using to make dramatic shots such as this! It will give me more options for creativity when there is time to pose and play. Looking at these too shots you can really see how the image has stepped up and is dramatically lit! See how the eyes catch the light and face and arms have more definition. Oooo… la la! Love it!! If any of my clients are loving this look we can schedule such a shoot!!!

More eye candy…

Visit Getzcreative’s Blog to see the edited version that TJ took of this same scene. These two are natual light only.

TJ getting his shoot-on! TJ talked about dressing in “the style” as photographers. I’m guilty of not doing this. Most sessions I’m in a basic t-shirt and jeans. He has “the look” with the detailing in his shirt.

“The Kiss”

Thanks sooooo much TJ & Michelle! What a great shoot!!! (WORKSHOP!!!) I cannot wait to do more of this myself & appreciate your openess on every topic! It’s hard to teach the “passion” of photography but you did!

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