Jeff + Kelsi | Fort Meig Portrait

Today was amazing!!! This red winged black bird made the shot even… A few hours ago I met Jeff & Kelsi at Ft. Meig for a fun sun filled session. They both come to Ft. Meig together for walks. I’m serious when I say they really know Ft. Meig well. Jeff took us around the perimeter in the woods where we were attacked by killer Ft. Meig mosquitoes. I’m glad Jeff knew the quick way out!

Kelsi is also a photographer… you can tell. She’s got the poses down! 🙂 Super cute.

Love it!

This is sooo pretty it looks fake. But we were really there. This was our moment today.

This is another session about leaving…. Jeff is being deployed for 14 LONG MONTHS!!! They have been dating for 2 and a half years and Jeff says he doesn’t believe they are going to have internet overseas. It’s back to snail mail. I asked if they were both good writers. He laughed and said he wasn’t.

Love letters are easier to write though when you are far from home.

They will most likely have the summer together before the deployment…. I wish you both many more sun field days at Ft. Meig.

More favorites!


This is my assistant’s favorite. Special thanks to Brittney for following me around with reflectors and my bag of gear!

Kelsi & Jeff are high school sweet hearts!

My favorite one! To see all of Jeff & Kelsi’s photos CLICK HERE to view their GALLERY.

  • Kari Oehlers - These pictures are adorable!! I think I said “Awwww” or “Ohhh” at least 10 times, very nice work Dallas and the couple is very attractive too!

  • Kelsi - I LOVE THEM! Thanks so much! They’re amazing!

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