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Maris, this blog post is for you! We were just talking about  this on Facebook and my dream has come true!!! Yep. I have a personal chef now. Meet Cassie!!  🙂  I met Cassie recently and am already a fan of what she is doing. Super Suppers is an awesome idea with the slogan, Your answer to, “What’s for dinner?” Cassie is more than Super Suppers though. She actually bought out the franchise name so for the most part she does what makes sense to her and what her customers love. This week she hosted a tasting party at her business for social savy guests…you bet I was going!

I know I was here for the food… but you can’t ignore how aweome Cassie is for  having a comfy couch in her store! It felt like “home.” She made us all a pitcher of sangria and cranberry spritzer with good tunes to enjoy the evening. Cassie showed us how stations were set up for how to create our own custom dishes if we’d like to make a mess in her kitchen instead of ours! J/k The way everything is organized you can’t possibly make a mess. It’s everyone’s dream kitchen.

Cassie has sooooo many options available that custom fit basically everyone! She has single serving, regular, and large portions. You can be on a monthly plan for suppers for 3 nights a week, 5 nights a week, or just pick-up or make what you like whenever. You can customer order any favorites. If you have a guest coming that has a special dietery need… she makes it. If you  find yourself with a dietary restriction she will get you started with education and foods while you make a lifestyle transition. She even uses a delivery service if you need help. All meals have been gone over with a dietician and are portion controlled. So it’s good for the wasteline too!

This night was so much fun! She hosts so many events during the month that if you’re local you must go meet Cassie for yourself and taste for yourself. She uses high quality ingredients …. you can tell when you can SMELL the food before even cooking! Let’s talk about the breads…. Oh my! We were all taught how to make a braided bread dinner… more on that later. We tasted the best scones I’ve ever had in my life, Greek meatloaf (so yummy!), flank steak (tender!!), 2 types of mouth watering chicken, cinnamon rolls, chocolate mousse for dessert, you name it!

So if you want to come in and make your own dinner, each station has the receipe displayed to easily follow. All ingredients are right there and have the correct measuring scoop ready! You can literally follow a detailed receipe and make a full meal in 5 minutes! You can also brag that it’s technically made “from scratch” because you did assemble!! ha ha ha.

My friend Wendy joined the fun with me and made a chicken dish.

I couldn’t just sit back and take pictures all night so I made a braided bread! Wendy took these awesome shots of my masterpiece! It looks complicated, but it was so easy to do. If you are wondering what’s in the stuffing – sausage & sauerkraut. Sounds gross but it’s really good! Josh loved it!

I’m personally soooo busy during wedding season I cannot always eat healthy. Having Cassie as my chef just makes sense for me. I order online and come to her cute store in Perrysburg (just down from Levis Commons) for my monthly pick-up.

Cinnamon rolls. YUMMMIEEEE!

For lunch we had a seafood treat! It felt so wrong to eat this… that’s how good it was for us! The smell was incredible too!

  • Maris - This is AWESOME!!!!! 🙂

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