No More DVDs! | News

For those of you that really know me… I am the type of person that constantly changes my “marketing” mind for what I want to do. It took me 6 months to design my new logo and now another year to finally decide on consistent packaging for my clients. Over the past year I have tried a variety!! I started with just mailing a custom envelope with the DVD… then I did round tins that ended up being really hard to “pop” out the DVD… recently I’ve done DVD cases with a favorite photo with names/date on the front…

I am excited to first announce here what my 2011 clients will be receiving…

Tah…. Dahhhh!!!! The ultimate delivery method for digital images!! The versatile and oh so stylish leather flash drive!! I picked leather to reflect the traditional delivery medium that has passed from prints in a bound leather album to digital files. I do offer leather bound albums but now have a stylish digital sidekick!

  • Eden - Absolutely wonderful Idea! Very chic.

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