1950s Styled Housewives | Portrait

Last week Rhondda, of Rhondda Scott Photography, and I had a little fun on a raining morning!!! Or should I say… a lot of fun! Rhondda is the QUEEN of styling so we decided upon a 1950s housewives theme all set up in her studio! As photographers, we are hardly ever in front of the camera… but we took center stage!

Most clients are initially nervous in front of the camera and typically ask, “What do I do?” Most want explicit instructions on exactly where to place their hands, where to look, how to hold their posture… when it’s MUCH easier and MORE fun to JUST BE YOURSELVES! So Rhondda and I are demonstrating in this styled shoot. We did not pose, look at the camera, smile… we acted!!! The photos take on a story into our everyday lives as housewives! Lots of ironing…. dancing breaks….social time…finding a husband’s “stash” (Oh my!), and waiting on his return from work with Dior heels and silk stockings! (and a clean house!)

  • Angel - Absolutely LOVE all of these!!! This looks like it was so much fun to do. So glad you are meeting fabulous people and having a great time Dallas!
    My favorites are your friend Rhondda pouring her drink, and the one of you vacuuming up high. Also, the last one of you putting your shoe on is so sexy!!!! You go girl 🙂

  • Dallas - Thanks Angel!! It was SUPER fun!

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