Videography Booking Form

DISCLAIMER: We are primarily PHOTOGRAPHERS on your day. We offer highlight videos for our couples that have booked us for photography but in addition want a taste of their day in motion. Because we are primarily your photographers, moments such as the bride walking down the aisle or the groom seeing his bride for the first time, the first kiss, cutting of the cake, etc. are not typically filmed because we are capturing these moments as photos. Instead, small video clips throughout your day in-between these moments are filmed. In our experience, filming in-between moments creates a “home-made” feel and can be quite heartfelt when assembled into a highlight video. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage our couples to hire a professional videography team to get solid coverage of their entire day….but if you find this is not your “thing” our highlight videos may be exactly what you want.

There are two main highlight videos that we offer and they are based on the length of the highlight video and whether your video has part of your vows included or just set to music. You can see a full collection of our most recent highlight videos on our highlight video page.

#1 Mini-Highlight Videos ($500) are less than 3 minutes and are set to music. We do not guarantee use of any camera/mic audio but may do so at our discretion.

#2 Highlight Videos ($875) are on average 4-6 minutes and include some camera audio while being predominantly set to music. The audio used is pre-recorded at the preparation stage of the day in a quiet space. There is the choice to read either your vows or a personal letter to your fiancé directly to the camera or mic.

In addition to Highlight Videos, you can add coverage of your entire ceremony and/or reception speeches. The camera is based on a tripod in a stationary position (un-manned). Audio is on camera only. We can also do a pen mic but we do not guarantee audio.* This is purely what the camera captures on the tripod.

#3 Speeches ($300)

#4 Ceremony ($300)

*Audio policy. We are primarily photographers but do videography as a add-on for our couples that do not see themselves with a full videography team or cannot budget for one. Since we do not claim to be professional videographers (WE ARE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS) we just simply cannot guarantee any audio as we do not own the gear to guarantee audio is recorded perfectly. We STRONGLY recommend hiring a professional videography team if this is important to you!!! We love working with videographers. …but if you’ve taken the time to look through our videography page and don’t mind our “homemade” videos (made with LOVE) we are happy to put something short and sweet together for you both!

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