Cath + Jonno | Oxley Common

It all started with the making of “the cloud.” When you’re on Pinterest we all tag MANY things we’ve love to do… one day. I decided last week it was finally time… to make “the cloud.” It was a wet week in Brisbane but Glennn and I managed to make a successful cloud in just under one week. At the same time, I thought of the perfect couple to debut “the cloud.” Jonno + Cath have been quite popular among my Facebook friends for doing a daily weather report. So popular in fact, I stopped looking at the weather online and just waited to be tagged by Jonno each day on what I should do. It’s been quite funny… even telling some when or when not to do their laundry (American friends – Aussies hang their laundry on the line… so you can see how knowing the weather is quite important). Glennn did an awesome job being prop manager of the shoot!! Have a look at some of our fun from Oxley Common. 🙂


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