Coon Dog Day | Personal

Every year I try to go to Coon Dog Day in Saluda, NC. It’s always the same time every year… the first Saturday after the 4th of July. Like clockwork we do the SAME thing every year… The day starts out with a BIG breakfast (the energetic ones can do the 3k run), the parade at 11, huge cookout at the Pace house, tubing down Green River Cove, come back to the house for home made ice cream, go out for pizzaaahhhh, and lastly — street dancing! I was enjoying myself all day that I didn’t take photos/videos to capture the ENTIRE day but here are some of the highlights in a mini-feature you can watch to get the idea!!

  • Jennifer Pace Webb - I was googling trying to find pictures of the parade to see if anyone has posted some of my 6 year old son. We were with the royalty at the beginning, he was Junior Prince. Anyway, I think the video is adorable, and the music is perfect. You know how Paces are in Saluda, so I won’t even get into the “who’re you related to” thing. Everyone’s related somehow…

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