Jordan, Ricky, & Lucy | Operation: Love Reunited

Meet Jordan…and Ricky…and Lucy!!  🙂 I love sessions with furry friends!! I do not have any animals myself so it’s fun to ‘borrow’ them when I can and have fun at a park. Here we are at Ft. Meigs last week when it was nearly 102 outside!!! This was a record breaking hot day! My assistant Brittney was thinking the session might be canceled because of the heat but I knew better. Jordan is a Marine and she has dealt with MUCH hotter than this before and in full uniform. I also thought it was interesting that she said because of the heat Ricky and Lucy would be ‘smiling’ for the session too!! 🙂 hahahahaha. No worries… we had plenty of water for them both. They loved running around the park. Aside from Jordan being a Marine her fiance is also in the Marines and currently deployed overseas. As a gift to him through Operation: Love Reunited, I am proud to be a volunteering photographer. A album of our session will be designed, printed, and shipped to him. FREE. Yes. Not much is really free anymore but this is to all families and girlfriends going through a deployment. There are three types of session of which you are entitled to two a year. A pre-deployment session is with your hero before he leaves. An Already Gone session, which is what we did today…and most important…. HOMECOMING session!!! This is not a portrait session but normally at an airport or base and is a very photojournalistic session capturing all the tears and emotion that come with being separated for so long.

Lucy is snow white and Ricky is the brown/black. Lucy was allowed to be unleashed as she is the ‘behaved’ one. 🙂 She ran back and forth to me throughout the session and I captured this cute portrait!


Jordan is in school and staying VERY busy to keep her mind off of being separated. She is also planning a June wedding!

I love this shot!!!

I know Devin will love this one of their pups!

Jordan rockin’ Devin’s boots!

Jordan was worried about her hair touching the uniform but NO ONE JUDGE!! These sessions are fun and casual and JUST for Devin anyways!

..and the bling! bling! Most of you don’t know this about me but I think bling is very important. Jordan and I agree on this. Look at her rocks!!!

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